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About Liberty Car Wash​

We offer two In-Bay Automatics: IQ Touch Free and IQ Soft Touch.

IQ Touch-Free:
Our IQ Touch-Free features intelligent, 3-D profiling technology to provide a custom wash for every vehicle. The ability to completely scan and map out the vehicle’s size and shape is the heart of what makes the IQ Touch Free revolutionary and unique. Our IQ Touch-Free is located at our Delaware, Ohio location.

IQ Soft Touch:
The IQ Soft Touch features intelligent, 3-D profiling technology and provides a custom wash for everything from MINI coopers, to full-size pickup trucks. The “3D” scan captures each vehicle’s unique shape to produce a more efficient and safer wash! Lightweight and nimble, the IQ Soft Touch delivers on performance while consuming less power, water and chemicals than other friction automatics. The IQ Soft Touch is precisely controlled by proprietary software and electric drive motors with VFD’s (Variable Frequency Drives). Closed cell foam brushes gently clean the vehicle and high impact nozzles are strategically placed to achieve optimum clean-ability. Our IQ Soft-Touch is located at our Delaware, Ohio and Mansfield, Ohio locations.

Our car wash equipment is built in America by D&S Car Wash Equipment Company. D&S is a true car wash equipment manufacturer located in in the Midwest, operating a 50,000 sq. ft. custom metal fabrication and assembly plant in suburban, southwestern St. Louis, Mo.

Established in 1972, D&S’s car wash reputation and experience in the car wash industry is unmatched for quality and reliability. All products are built with simplicity in mind (easy to install and maintain).

To learn more about our equipment, visit D&S’s website: